• Loretto Leary

Short Story Getting Published

Delighted to let you all know that my short story Billet-Deux has been accepted for publication by The MacGuffin and is currently slated to appear in Volume 35.2

Billet-Deux is a romantic comedy. The story is based on a newspaper article I read in England a few years ago about online dating. The woman the article was based on said she was too good looking and well-kept to date men her own age. Her "upkeep" and rules for online dating struck me as hard work and very convoluted. But then I began to question why I was judging another woman. I still struggle with the notion of throwing away the hair dye and just going grey. Why is that such a big deal? Is there a difference between aging gracefully and "letting yourself go?"

Is the balance in men's favor as we get older?

I decided to write a Cinderella type story for grown-ups that would create a debate. Having shared the original draft in my writer's workshop class five years ago I can tell you that it certainly did incite a lengthy debate about what women have to do as we age and what men have to do. The balance is slightly off, and definitely in men's favor.