The Foundling


"It is indeed a well crafted tale of mystery, romance, and class struggle against the backdrop of the 19th century Republican movement." Colin Merrey, Western Australia's Irish Scene Magazine page 64


"The pace of revelations in the story was excellent. I was irresistibly drawn in." Robert P


"The writing is beautiful, the characters are interesting, colorful, and intriguing, and the plot twists are page turning!” Judy M


"Leary has crafted a tale of mystery, romance, and class struggle against the backdrop of the 19th century Republican movement. I was instantly drawn to the characters and Loretto’s wonderfully descriptive writing." Judith L


“A very interesting, insightful introduction to Irish politics of the 1800′s (which I knew nothing about) all wrapped around a beautiful love story. The characters and their love story come to life! I totally lost myself in their world, and in the book." Devanshi A


Mona, the body in the bog


"The book struck me as being about halfway between a mystery novel and a documentary. I absolutely love hearing about finds of old bodies, especially skulls, that have somehow remained intact enough for modern forensic study to take place. It is easy to instantly love the characters in this story and to remain glued to the pages." James McQuiston, Celtic Guide page 33


“A Unique juxtaposition of parallel tales and times. Tana French, with a sense of humor.” Cathy S


"A little bit of archeology, science, history, superstition, and drama, all told with Loretto Leary’s compassionate, intelligent voice. I instantly loved the characters in this story and found myself glued to the page in a way I haven’t been for a long time." Judith S


"Having a lifelong love of bog bodies, this book was for me. Beautifully written, the descriptions of the people and places really brought the story to life. An exciting read, l couldn't put it down. I look forward to reading more of Loretto's works." Karen R


"Who was Mona? And how did such a young, once beautiful woman meet such a tragic end? A well written story in which her fiery, unyielding character is slowly revealed as the story unfolds yet the reason for her death remains a mystery till the very end. The book paints a beautiful picture of daily life in a Celtic village and gives glimpses of the gruesome challenges that women in Celtic times may have often faced." Devanshi A


Outward Walls


“A beautiful story, unexpected and thought-provoking….the lengths that people sometimes go to, to put on a front so that they can fit into society, when inside, there is nothing but loneliness, fear and doubt.” Devanshi A


"Amazing how our judgements shape our reality so that we create an entire structure of beliefs around another person's life and interpret their behavior accordingly. Loretto does a fantastic job of leading the reader through that process. I found myself engrossed in Siobhan’s repulsion at Maurice and Erica and her affection for Emily only to have all the perceptions shattered in the last couple of pages. Great story.” Robert P


Death and the Bereavement Group


“This book reminded me of one of my favorite movies, "Fargo," by the Coen Bros. The world and the characters are so detailed and developed that it just seems simply realistic. One of the best characteristics of a well made movie or well written novel, is to forget that you're watching or reading, and to just be submerged into the story. Check out this book and you'll be transported to a small town filled with mystery. I'm ready for volume 2. Great book! A must read. “Fargo-esque!” Robert J